How I Relieved Myself of A 30 Year Allergy

I guess this whole post should be a disclaimer since I can’t find any medical information to back this up. Here it goes. I had suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life as I remember.  Whether it was sweeping up in a dusty basement, playing in parks, walking through wooded areas or just walking down the street after enough neighbors had just cut grass and it would set off an allergy attack that would last almost three days. Three days would be including the time it took me to come down off of the Benadryl.

Since I started my health/fitness journey back in September of 2016 I’ve incorporated a ton of green vegetables that I either didn’t eat before or didn’t eat much of. Asparagus, brussel sprouts, a lot of spinach on a daily basis.  I have not had one allergy outbreak in 2017. I’m sorry but I’m going to attribute that to the veggies.

I’ll tell you why. Other than moderating the intake of thinks like salt, sugar, red meat, I have not make any other significant changes in my diet. I have eaten fried foods, I’ve eaten dairy. The amazing part to me is that I haven’t had to pop one Zyrtec, Claritan, Allegra or any of that.

My personal goal is to never have to take another medicine again, prescribed or otherwise. If you have seasonal allergies I highly recommend you try this.


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