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What Are You Good At? Let’s Get Started

When I came into 2017 I was determined to find out everything that I liked to do. Then determine what was the most important and from there pick the one that I could use to make a living and do that all of the time.

After 35 – 40 years on the planet if we haven’t figured out what makes up 100% happy and eliminated the things that don’t we are in serious trouble. Because you may never realize it before you being eulogized laying satin lined eternity bed.

Why do I say this? I’ve seen it first hand. Somewhere around 30 you got your dream job and married just the “awesomest” person on the plan. 5 years and about a million dollars in debt (if you count the house) a European conglomerate comes along and buys the company you work for and starts laying people off. Oh the pressures!!

That awesome person you married? Well, pressure tends make the best of us crack. Long story short you guys split the retirement funds, sale the house and now your left to start over. So what are you good at? (Preposition ending. I know)

Before you get back to the job market with the resentment of your last experience take the time to find out what makes you happy. I mean really happy. Do you love to read? Can you make money as a freelance literary editor? Do you like to workout? Can you make money as a personal trainer or make exercise videos? Do you love children? Is there a way to make a living providing children’s services?

The main thing I’m trying to stress here is that we all have things that we love to do. It’s up to us to perfect & protect our craft for the ugliness of the world. Be strong, have faith in ourselves to that we can live the life we were born too. I always say if you don’t know for what ¬†purpose you were put on this earth, someone will find a way for you to serve theirs.

The old adage is true. If you find something that you love you will never work another day in your life. I say if you get rich doing it then that’s even better.

This a combination of 2 stories from real people that I know. I combined the facts with some soliloquy to protect the innocent. Seriously though, I’m trying to commit to 4 blog posts weekly. The least would be 3. So please like, comment, and follow this blog.

To kick things off I’m doing a 7part entry on the art of starting/ starting something in life after failure, heartbreak and such. Until next time…

My Message 4 U

We all through go things. It’s just a part of life. The true reward is found in how we get through our toughest times. I went through one of the toughest times of my life and without the support of the universe around me I don’t know if would still be on this side of life.
We all have people we admire, look up too, or emulate. There are some who are truly our motivators. We can hear something a thousand times but if our “motivator” says it then its as good as platinum! These are our chosen mentors. We may or may not know them but they are the voice that speaks to our souls. 

When I look at these two pictures, they tell the story of two distinctly different times in my life. On the right in 2012 I was at my wits end. Life had beat the shit out of me and was just existing. The bad part about just existing is that you’re unaware of the pain. I was able to go about my normal suck ass job, unhealthy eating, binge drinking, unhealthy relationships week in and out. I truly hoped someone would saved me but my ego…

The rest is in a story I’ll tell you down the line. The picture on the left was recently. I’m focused, refuse to take no for an answer and I sure as hell not making any excuses for why I can’t be successful. The plan is to be that voice for someone else. There is someone reading this right now that needs to hear what I’m saying.

I say to you there is nothing you can’t do if you remain focused. Push yourself to achieve the things you never thought you could. Build your support channel and eliminate fear & negativity.