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My Intermittent Fasting Results

My experience with intermittent fasting(IF) was a very big success. I’ll fill you in shortly. First let me explain what that is. IF is a way to schedule meals and fasting in a manner which will allow your body the maximum digestion time. It can be done a few ways. I’m going to mention those and then tell you what I did.

24 Hour Cycle
Some people like to take two 24 hour periods a week to fast. That breaks the week up to a 2 days eating to 1 day fasting or a fasting every third day. Another way is in alternating 24 hour periods, like day on/ day off. On the fasting days, drink only water to basically lower calorie intake. Also your body had a whole day to process the things you’ve eat over the last 2-3 days. Important because during periods of constant eating the digestive system stalls on things like red meat and alcohol.

Daily Fasting
Daily fasting consists of giving yourself a 4-8 hour window to eat and allowing your body to digest for at least 16 hours. This was the path I chose. I would eat usually between the hours of 11-7. I would drink at least a gallon of water and up to 40 oz. of coffee. Initially the coffee helped with cleaning out my digestive track big time.

The first day I thought I was going to go crazy. Just like anything with anything we try that’s new the old ways try to creep into our heads and stops us. I was having cravings clean through the night. When I got to work after about a 2 quarts of water and 40 oz. of coffee I don’t think I ate the first time until after 1pm. At that point, I knew I was on to something. I had been doing 5-6 small meal a day for about the last 6-7 months. My body weight was fluctuating but I wasn’t making any gains in sustainable weight loss.

After the first few days I noticed that my morning bloating that was usually there on days when I had eaten meat or drank alcohol was not there. I wasn’t falling asleep at work after lunch or in meetings like I had for the last twenty years or so. I had natural energy. After about 10 days I go on the scale and I had dropped 10lbs. After 3 weeks I was still in the same weight range, which means it was sustainable.

I thought about continuing the daily fasting but upon further research I found that it was widely used a weight loss technique and not as the norm. That’s where I’m going to implement my philosophy here…I believe in moderation. A little bit of this and a little bit of this keeps us far from overindulgence. I plan on keeping my daily fast routine with the idea that if I do have one meal or snack outside of my eating period that it’s not going to kill me. I won’t do it everyday but if it happens, so what!

I’ve included some links below to get you going on your research. Remember, I won’t tell your ass what to do. I’ll tell you what I did. Feel free to customize.

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How I Relieved Myself of A 30 Year Allergy

I guess this whole post should be a disclaimer since I can’t find any medical information to back this up. Here it goes. I had suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life as I remember.  Whether it was sweeping up in a dusty basement, playing in parks, walking through wooded areas or just walking down the street after enough neighbors had just cut grass and it would set off an allergy attack that would last almost three days. Three days would be including the time it took me to come down off of the Benadryl.

Since I started my health/fitness journey back in September of 2016 I’ve incorporated a ton of green vegetables that I either didn’t eat before or didn’t eat much of. Asparagus, brussel sprouts, a lot of spinach on a daily basis.  I have not had one allergy outbreak in 2017. I’m sorry but I’m going to attribute that to the veggies.

I’ll tell you why. Other than moderating the intake of thinks like salt, sugar, red meat, I have not make any other significant changes in my diet. I have eaten fried foods, I’ve eaten dairy. The amazing part to me is that I haven’t had to pop one Zyrtec, Claritan, Allegra or any of that.

My personal goal is to never have to take another medicine again, prescribed or otherwise. If you have seasonal allergies I highly recommend you try this.